Adley is an internationally published photographer based in Greensboro, NC. He began his photography journey as a hobby to document his son as he grew up. After a while, he joined Instagram and became instantly inspired to start taking photos of other people besides his son. The first time he had the opportunity to photograph a model, he knew it felt right so over time his hobby turned into a passion.

Fast forward to today, his concentration is on portraits, fashion and editorial photography. He is best known for his photography projects (ROYGBIV and Roll Bounce) and editorial work. He has worked with various musical artists for their album covers, collaborated with influencers to help increase awareness of his work, and designers to showcase their collection as well as help elevate their online presence. 

He's very laid back, personable and you'll rarely see him without his camera. If you're interested in booking him, click the link here to get started

Features include:

Period Magazine

• The Fox Magazine

• Carolina Style Magazine 

• KEH Camera

• Walk Magazine

Behind the scenes videos

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