Aaliyah Inspired Session (Sound in video)

Shae told me that people told her for many years that she resembles Aaliyah so she wanted to create a photoshoot paying homage to her. She was inspired to re-create some of her past looks she did for magazines so I was up for the task. 

Vintage Glam Birthday Session

Selena wanted to really out do her past photoshoots this year and went all out with her black outfit and blonde hair. She wanted something that felt vintage yet modern. I told her to say less...

Futuristic Vision

This was a model test shoot I captured in the studio with 4 different lights. I wanted to create "movie" looking scene with a reflective background that would have light bouncing everywhere to give it a futuristic look. The video shows how I set it up and a few photos from the session.

Glowing in the 80s

Jonaa loves to create different arts and crafts using flowers and she let me know about pink flowers that glow in the dark. That sparked my interest to see what else could glow in the dark for a photoshoot. Let's just say the rest was history and this look came together.

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