Aaliyah Inspired Session (Sound in video)

Shae's resemblance to the legendary Aaliyah is uncanny, and she wanted to pay tribute to her through a photoshoot. Inspired by Aaliyah's iconic magazine looks, Shae enlisted my help to bring her vision to life. Together, we captured stunning images that showcase Shae's beauty and undeniable resemblance to the late superstar.

Vintage Glam Birthday Session

Capturing the essence of timeless elegance with Selena's latest photoshoot. Dressed in striking black dress and sporting blonde locks, she exudes a vintage yet modern vibe. With a focus on minimalism, Selena's beauty and confidence take center stage. Witness the evolution of her artistry and passion for photography in this stunning photoshoot.

Futuristic Vision

This was a stunning model test shoot captured in the studio using four different lights. Inspired by the lighting in a cinematic movies, I created a futuristic scene with a reflective background that bounces light in every direction. Watch to see how I brought this vision to life and create a few of the mesmerizing photos from the session.

Glowing in the 80s

Jonaa's love for creating art and crafts in her business using flowers led me to discover something truly fascinating - pink flowers that glow in the dark. This inspired me to explore how combining flowers and special makeup could be captured together. The result? A captivating collection of photos that showcase the mesmerizing colorful beauty of this combination.

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