California Closets Professional Headshots Raleigh, NC

I recently had the privilege of collaborating with the exceptional team at California Closets in Raleigh, North Carolina, to conduct a professional headshot photoshoot for their employees. In a strategic move to optimize time efficiency, we scheduled a half-day session to capture headshots for employees from various surrounding regions who were coincidentally gathered for their annual meetings. This allowed us to efficiently meet the needs of multiple individuals in a single session. Each employee exuded a pleasant demeanor and was highly cooperative during the shoot, resulting in a collection of polished and professional headshots.

A special acknowledgment goes out to the team at Able and Co for placing their trust in my photography services for this project. Our previous collaborations on various projects with California Closets have always been successful, and this project was no exception. The seamless process and positive outcomes of this photoshoot now equip the employees with updated headshots that can be utilized on the company's website and social media platforms, enhancing their professional image. It was truly gratifying to once again join forces with such a commendable team for this opportunity.

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