Church on 68 Band Promotional Photoshoot

As the lead photographer, I had the privilege of working with the Gospel Band of the Church on 68. When Ashton, the lead singer of the band, reached out to me for new promotional material, I was stoked. My use of colored lighting had caught his attention and he was eager to incorporate it into their promotional material. After some discussion, we decided to shoot the photos at the church itself, with a variety of scenes, including the main stage where the colors could be changed, recording room, and candid shots for use on social media.

Working with the band was an absolute delight. Each member had a amazing spirit, even if they weren't too keen on being in front of the camera. I made sure to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which helped to put everyone at ease and allowed me to capture some truly amazing shots. The end result was a stunning set of photos that not only showcased the band's talent but also reflected the unique character of the band. 

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