Mallory B Cypress Trails Ranch Photoshoot

I had the opportunity to work with Mallory B, the thriving business owner of the Crusade of Curves, for her birthday photoshoot at the breathtaking Cypress Trails Ranch in Humble Texas, just outside of Houston. Mallory wanted something unique and different for this year's photos, and she was eager to ride a horse during a photoshoot for the very first time. I was eager and excited to take on this challenge to capture her spirit on camera.

Mallory chose a beautiful horse named Red to ride, and I was amazed by her energy and enthusiasm. At first, I was concerned that her liveliness might be a problem, but Red proved to be a true professional, staying calm and steady throughout the entire photoshoot. It was my first time photographing a person on horseback, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The photos we captured that day were amazing! Mallory's joy and passion shone through in every shot, making it a truly memorable experience. Working with such a dynamic personality was a true pleasure, and I'm thrilled that she loved the end result. I'm excited to see what other amazing opportunities and unique experiences lie ahead for both me and my clients.

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