DJ  Sai City's Studio Branding Photoshoot

DJ Sai City, a talented DJ hailing from Chicago, Illinois, recently made the move to New York City. During her time in North Carolina, she enlisted my help to craft new branding photos. Her vision was clear - she wanted to showcase not only her unique personal fashion sense but also her vibrant personality and beloved DJ equipment. Embracing the challenge of incorporating colorful lighting reminiscent of an event setting, I eagerly prepared to bring her vision to life.

Upon her arrival, DJ Sai City initially appeared reserved, having only conversed with me briefly prior to the photoshoot. However, as the session progressed, she quickly warmed up, allowing her authenticity to shine through. Her striking multicolored blazer harmonized beautifully with the dual-toned (red and blue) lighting scheme I implemented, accentuating her blonde hair against the backdrop. Capturing intimate close-up shots to highlight her remarkable features was a true pleasure.

As the shoot neared its conclusion, DJ Sai City introduced her turntable and headphones, offering a glimpse into her cherished equipment and passion for music. Immersed in the musical ambiance, I found myself swept up in the moment, creating timeless images that resonated with both of us. Our collaboration extended beyond this initial project, as we reunited during the Crusade of Curves New York events in 2023. Witnessing DJ Sai City's continued success and artistic endeavors in the vibrant city of New York was a gratifying experience, reinforcing the lasting impact of our creative partnership.

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