Dr. Spratling's Veterinary Class - Banfield Pet Hospital

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing team at Banfield Pet Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, to document the incredible journey of Dr. Spratling's two-day class for high school students during Black History Month. The class, which started in 2020, aimed to offer students a firsthand experience of the inner workings of a pet hospital. As I observed from the sidelines, I witnessed the students immerse themselves in the practical aspects of the course, learning how to identify foreign objects ingested by pets, perform extractions, and even practice basic suturing techniques on stuffed animals.

Tasked with capturing the essence of the class, I found myself welcomed warmly by Dr. Spratling's dedicated team, who graciously granted me unrestricted access to their incredible hospital facility. Discovering that Dr. Spratling shared an alma mater with me at North Carolina A&T State University only added to the sense of camaraderie and inspiration. Throughout the experience, I not only gained insights into the complexities of veterinary care but also witnessed firsthand the unwavering passion and dedication that Dr. Spratling brings to her vocation, leaving me inspired and truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this enlightening journey.

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