MASH - Boylan Bottling Lifestyle Beverage Pickleball Campaign

The newest beverage offering "MASH" by Boylan Bottling Soda Co was a project that I recently worked on as the lead photographer. My responsibilities included everything from hiring models, scouting locations, scheduling the photoshoot, taking the photos and performing post-production.

Our goal was to create a series of images that would appeal to the pickleball community and showcase MASH as a refreshing beverage option for all players. These images will be used in various marketing materials and on social media to help promote this fun and exciting beverage. I was specifically tasked with capturing the MASH cans at an outdoor pickleball court, surrounded by various pickleball equipment.

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that each shot was meticulously staged, featuring flat lay and hand model shots with props that truly captured the essence of the game. The final product was a stunning collection of images that perfectly captured the spirit of the Boylan Bottling Soda Co Pickleball Campaign.

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