Michael Jackson - Quantum University Alumni Spotlight Interview 

Michael Jackson's journey from finance to wellness is a unique one, and it all started with a personal experience. After experiencing a health scare, Michael began to question the traditional healthcare system and started exploring alternative methods. This led him to Quantum University where he found a program that aligned with his beliefs and values. The education program at Quantum University changed his life by providing him with the tools and knowledge to become an independent wellness consultant and life coach.

In the alumni spotlight video, Michael shares his experiences with Quantum University and how it has impacted his life and career. He talks about the supportive community at Quantum University and how the faculty helped him every step of the way. Michael's story is inspiring and serves as an example of how Quantum University can transform the lives of its students.

I am thankful for the opportunity to interview and record the video for Quantum and I wish Michael continued success in his career and endeavors. 

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