Outfind Creative Branding Photoshoot

I had the opportunity to photograph the founders of Outfind Creative, a black, LGBTQ+, woman-owned design firm that specializes in creating designs that resonate with diverse communities. The project involved capturing the brand's essence through headshots, lifestyle photos of their office, and candid shots of the team working.

I worked closely with the Outfind Creative team to understand their branding goals and to create a visual narrative that would reflect their unique values and perspective. The resulting photos are stunning and inspiring, and they perfectly capture the essence of Outfind Creative's work. The headshots are professional and polished, while the lifestyle photos of the office and team capture the company's warm and inviting atmosphere. The candid shots of the team working are particularly engaging, as they showcase the team's passion and creativity.

Overall, my work with Outfind Creative is a perfect example of how branding photography can be used to tell a company's story and to connect with its target audience. The photos are both visually appealing and informative, and they are sure to help Outfind Creative to continue to grow and succeed.

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