Thorne Supplements Sponsorship with Greg Olsen

As the lead photographer, I had the privilege of collaborating with Thorne Supplements and NFL Quarterback Greg Olsen to create captivating visual content highlighting their new sponsorship. The objective was to capture Olsen in an organic and un-posed manner, showcasing the benefits of the supplements in a relatable and inviting way. We decided to utilize Olsen's office in Charlotte, NC, as the backdrop for our shoot, which allowed for a natural and comfortable atmosphere.

My primary responsibilities included capturing emotionally compelling and candid moments, while also ensuring that the product was featured prominently in each photograph. The resulting imagery successfully conveyed the intended message and proved to be a valuable asset to Thorne Supplements' marketing efforts.

The final photos were used on Sports Illustrated website on the article: Greg Olsen Talks 1-on-1 About 'Refreshing Experience' With Commanders HC Ron Rivera

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