University of North Carolina Greensboro - Cassondra Morrison Graduation Photoshoot

Cassondora envisioned a captivating video that would elevate her graduation celebration to new heights. This dynamic visual video offered a window into her vibrant personality, showcased her passion for her major of study, and the cherished locations of the campus that held a special place in her heart.

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with graduating senior Cassondra Morrison on her University of North Carolina Greensboro photoshoot in December 2023. Despite the chilly weather, Cassondra was eager to have her senior portraits taken on campus rain or shine. She specifically requested to feature locations where she studied and her favorite spots around campus. The goal of the photoshoot was to capture Cassondra's unique personality, highlight her favorite textbooks, and create timeless memories for her to cherish in the future.

During the hour-long photoshoot, we efficiently captured a variety of shots, including iconic locations such as the Alumni House, Campus Bell, Ferguson building, and the University campus sign. In addition to stunning photos, we also filmed short video clips to compile a portrait video showcasing Cassondra's dynamic personality in motion. With only a few takes per segment, Cassondra's natural presence and gradual comfort throughout the session translated beautifully into the final content. The resulting photos and video from the senior portraits photoshoot were well-received by Cassondra, who appreciated the collaborative experience, the unhurried approach, and the wonderfully crafted final video.

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