What is the White Project?

*This project is open to anyone (ages 18 and up). You do not have to be a model to participate.*

This photography project will embrace the color White! I want each person to wear an outfit that will showcase their personal style with the dominant color being white. The whole outfit does not have to be completely white but it should be the main color from top to bottom. Each photoshoot will take place on a white background so it will have a monochromatic look (Similar to the Orange & Purple projects). I cannot wait to see what outfit each person comes up with and have a fun & energetic photoshoot! 

When does the White project begin?

The White Project sessions begin on October 1st and they will last until October 17th. Space will be limited so do not hesitate to secure your time and date.

Where is your studio located?

My home studio is located in Greensboro, NC. After you sign up, you will receive the address via email a few days before your selected shoot date.

What can I expect from the photoshoot?

I will have the white background set-up and ready to go for your session. There will also be music playing in the background, my camera connected to a TV so you can see the photos as we take them and a very relaxed environment to shoot in at my home studio.

What should I wear? 

I would recommend wearing something that is stylish but comfortable. I do not discriminate when it comes to fashion, we all express ourselves in a unique way. Just keep the outfit mainly white to fit the theme of the project!

I have created a mood board for the project to give you some inspiration for outfits. Check it out here: https://pin.it/50oXvnS

Will you have props available?

Of course! These props will be available for use:

  • 2 White Stools
  • White flowers
  • A large flower pot
  • A thin tall flower pot with white pampas 
  • A white faux fur collar shaw
  • Feel free to bring your own props as well.

Can I bring a guest to the photoshoot?

Yes, you may bring one guest with you. Due to COVID-19, I will only allow one additional person who is not shooting, to come to the studio. 

What are your prices? Do you have packages?

I have two packages for the White Project sessions. Scroll down after the "Fill out the form below to sign up!" section to view them.

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